Free Printable Superman Coloring Pages For Kids

Superman is just about most iconic superhero out there. The character was originally created in 1933 by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster and subsequently sold to DC Comics, then known as Detective Comics, Inc. in 1938. Superman first showed up in a comic named Action Comics #1 in June of 1938. The success of Superman spiraled with appearances in films, radio shows, video games and TV shows. He was born with the name Kal-El, on the planet Krypton, he was then sent away on a spaceship because planet Krypton was being destroyed. These superman coloring pages are the perfect way to introduce your kid to the fantasy would of Superman where good always prevails. We have a large selection for you to choose from, simply select your image and print, alternatively you can click on ‘Color In’ and your kid can color the page online and then print it.

Superman Coloring Page